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QuotesMost people exhibit what political scientists call "the conservatism of the
peasantry." Don't lose what you've got. Don't change. Don't take a chance,
because you might end up starving to death. Play it safe. Buy just as much
as you need. Don't waste time.

When we think about risk, human beings and corporations realize in their
heads that risks are necessary to grow, to survive. But when it comes down
to keeping good people when the crunch comes, or investing money in
something untried, only the brave reach deep into their pockets and play
the game as it must be played.

- David Lammers, "Yakitori", Electronic Engineering Times, January 18, 1988

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Survival Chinese

Chinese is a difficult language. Find useful phrases in Chinese here

Beautiful Zhen(1) mei (3) 真美
Excuse me (to apologize for something) Dui(4) Bu Qi (3) 对不起
Excuse me (to get attention) Lao (2) jia (4) 劳驾!
Forget it. Never mind. Suan (4) le 算了
Good Hao (3)
Good-by (see you later) Zai (4) jian (4) 再见
Good morning Zao(3)shang (4) hao (3) 早上好
Good night Wan (3) an (1) 晚安
Hello Ni (2) hao (3) 你好
I’m very sorry. Wo (2) hen (3) bao(4)qian(4) 我很抱歉
Is it convenient? Fang(1)bian(4) ma? 方便吗?
It doesn’t matter. Mei(2) you (3) guan(1)xi. 没有关系
Just a second. Deng(3) yi(1)xia(4) 等一下
May I trouble you? Ma(2)fan ni(3) 嘛烦你?
Maybe Ke(3) neng(2) 可能
No Hurry. Bu(4) ji(2) 不急
No problem. Mei(2) wen(2)ti(4) 没问题
Not so Bu(2) shi(4) 不是
O.K. Ke(2)yi(3) 可以
Please Qing (3)
Right (correct) Dui (4)
See you tomorrow. Ming(2)tian(1) jian(4) 明天见
Thank you. Xie(4) xie 谢谢
That’s all right. Xing(2)
Wonderful Hao(3) ji(2) le 好极了
Wrong Bu(2) dui(4) 不对
Yes. Shi(4) de 是的
You’re Welcome Bu(2) ke(4)qi 不客气

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